who we are?

Mima Foods is Top Frozen Vegetables Producer located in Egypt. Founded in 2016 under SADITA HOLDING (Kuwait) umbrella, Mima Foods has since built a reliable brand in the global market. With its market expansion, the company reached Europe, Middle East, the United States, and is looking forward to entering Far East market. Since day one, the company’s relentless dedication to international standards of quality attracted loyal customers which allowed Mima Foods to build strong & reliable partnerships throughout the years. Mima Gardens (UAE), a sub company of Mima Foods, established in 2020 and is dedicated to supply Buyers with constantly expanding range of products, originated worldwide under our Private Labels. With high-end tools, dedicated, & qualified staff, Mima Foods offers competitive packages while maintaining highest quality production. Mima Foods ’ strategic partnership with worldwide food industries, makes the company a hub of food exportation around the world. Working internationally, the company’s main mission is to maintain its goals by meeting professionally its deadlines and working to ensure that its worldwide clients are satisfied with the best quality and diversification.

Our Brands

Mima Gardens and Oceana are two of Mima Foods’ main brands, with Mima Gardens covering a worldwide selection of frozen vegetables, berries and appetizers, and Oceana covering seafood choices from around the world. We invested in the best freezing (Individual Quick Freezing) packaging and storing techniques, to ensure our products are delivered to our clients as fresh and qualified as it can be. Our main objective is to guarantee a 100% client satisfaction.